An extensive history accompanies to Masetplana, fruit of a long familiar tradition that rau to the 1826 and engrandida for the last generations: the grandfather Julián, in Xavier Maset and now, in Julian, which at present directs the Mill and the Cellar in his project of expansion Masetplana is, in the actuality, a mill of oil of reference to the Empordà for his volume and quality and a cellar of wines and dig with a lot of projection that combines personality and excel•lència.

We want to print in our oils and wines, an own genetic print and empordanesa that it is born of the estimate and of the way to do our work, since the peasantry, the conreu and the maintenance of the vineyards and oliveres, until the most creative part at the time of engendrar our products.

With illusion and dedication offer you the fruit of our work. We wish your pleasure!


With the third generation, Julian Maset Flat, is born son of the land that so much loves, the Empordà. Between oliveres and vineyards, how could not be some other way, the first words that listened were argudell, garnatxa and macabeu.

It is not by chance, then, that his vocation provingui of the familiar tradition as a a genetic stamp. With as only 21 years creates the first line of the cellar: ” A21” in young, white, pink and black and the criança. At a later date, it surprises us with a new challenge: a youngster no as young called “El nen de Can Maset” and with another creation of monovarietal of macabeu with the bold name of “M´Acabeu la Paciència” .

Until day of today, where has followed putting all his push and exprimint all his knowledges to work in more novelties as of wines and of oils and throwing forward this familiar project. The character of the oenologist sees reflected in his creations and is as well as gives him this genetic and personal print to the products of Masetplana.



The wines – realises the recol·lecta of the fruit to cool hours and in his optimum point of maduration to guarantee the quality of his juice. The vinificació and criança does monovarietal and determines the cupatge before being bottled. Elaborate some wines of marked personality that reflect the intention of his author and the character empordanès.

To Masetplana have wanted to give a twist to our systems of conreu and production for volcar-nos, totally, in working a sustainable agriculture and of responsibility for incrementar the caliber and the quality of our products.

The vineyards are worked under the controls of the integrated production, of which the Catalan Council of the Integrated Production is the regulatory organism that guarantees a production extensiva of quality and, at the same time, respectful with the medium ambient and the health of the people.

Form part of the DO Empordà us empara in a common brand recognised and distinguishes us as a cellar with some wines with specific characteristics and the own character of our geographic zone.

Following the same path, also have associated us to Wineries for the Climate Protection, movement of cooperation for the preservation of the climate and the vineyard struggling for the conservation of our habitat, our landscape, our tradition and our culture.


The oils– The preparation of our oil also is the fruit of our work framed in these values rooted to the land that want to transmit in the quality of our product.

The year 2010 initiated the process of conversion of conreu normal of our olivars for ecological to the Catalan Council of the Ecological Agrarian Production, in order to can transform our oil with ecological oil, following the normative of this entity. With this initiative, are the 1er mill of the Empordà with certificate of the CCPAE.That accredits us as a elaboradors of ecological oil.

Our oil also finds avalat for The Denomination of Origin Protected Oil of the Empordà that ensures the quality of the oil of olive that produces to the two comarques empordaneses with the specific varieties of the zone.

Of our oliveres acaronades for the tramuntana and through mechanical procedures in cold is whence in treiem our oil of extra virgin olive as characteristic of the Empordà. Balancing the different aspects organolèptics (the green, the bitter, the spicy, the sweet and the mature) achieve that our oils are only and characteristic of ours trull.

Logo oli empordàimage


A rough land that gathers some climatological conditions characterised by the constant bufecs of Tramuntana and for a marked Mediterranean climate; summers calorosos tempered by the marine breeze and soft winters with poquíssimes freezing.

Soils mostly sandy to the flat and of blackboard and granítics to the zones of mountain, poor in organic matter and a pluviometry of 600 mm. Some characteristics that form a group idoni for the conreu of our esteemed fruit.

Our landscape of vineyards and oliveres finds to the same municipality of Garriguella, well well to the falda of the Albera and observed, at all times, for the giant of the Canigó. A municipality with an own microclimate in this big paratge; a dry climate and dominated by the tramuntana that contributes some shots many identificatius and with character empordanès to our products.

Commitment with the surroundings – To Masetplana are conscious of the world where live. A world that has to take care , a world that has to cater us of good and healthy products and, is therefore, that take care the vineyards and oliveres in order that these conreus generate fruits of quality and are respectful with the medium ambient and the health of the people. Some very rooted values to our land that want to transmit so much in the preparation of our wines and of our oil.


Offer you several activities to complement your stay and discover like this the wines and oils and his process of preparation, visiting our mill, our vineyards and oliveres, as well as others other punctual activities vinculades to the world of the wine and of the oil.

Experiences that enrich your visit to the Empordà.

1. Workshops to learn the preparation of the oil and take advantage of his excelents properties culinàries and therapeutic.
2. Visit to the mill and our 43 Has. Of vineyards and oliveres with taste of oil and our wines accompanied of a breakfast of farmer.
3. During the season of collection of the olive, of November to January, do several demostracions of how premsava the olive does more than 100 years, with an ancient press restored.


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